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Add Reolink with Amazon Alexa

How to add Reolink to Amazon Alexa Explained: Reolink support

Lot of end users want to add Reolink to Amazon Alexa or smart home device. But get stuck with its setup due to various reasons. The best way to setup your Reolink home security system is to, integrate with your smart home devices or add Reolink with Amazon Alexa or Google home. This would give you the convenience of usage with easy access to security camera feed just on your voice command. How to add Reolink camera to Amazon Alexa?, has been a long asked question with very less information around. So Reolink-support has created this guide for those who wish to add Reolink with Amazon Alexa, Echo or Show devices. We will discuss the setup or integration requirements, process and common problems in this section to add Reolink with Amazon Alexa. Reolink support guide to add Reolink with Amazon Alexa gives each and every details one need to know while adding Reolink to Alexa. Learn about adding skills to Alexa app before you try to add Reolink to amazon Alexa.

You can add Reolink with Amazon Alexa: Compatible Reolink camera models

Before you try to add Reolink with Amazon Alexa, please see below are the Reolink cameras which are compatible with Amazon Alexa, please see if your acquired device falls in this list. All Reolink cameras (excluding NVR kit, cameras connected to NVR, IP cameras with old hardware IPC_381, Argus, and Reolink Go/Go PT) can be integrated with Amazon Alexa. Most of the new or Wifi cameras are Alexa enabled by default and end user can add reolink with amazon alexa but, still here is the list. Reolink will be rolling out out future firmware or the camera software upgrades to further increase the Alexa skills and one can find out on the Reolink firmware upgrade page , most recently released updates. Reach Reolink support for any other queries if you are not able to run the upgrade or not able to add Reolink with Amazon Alexa

RLC-410, RLC-420, RLC-422, RLC-423, RLC-511, RLC-410-5MP, RLC-410W, RLC-511W, C1 Pro,
E1, E1 Pro, E1 Zoom,
Argus 2, Argus Pro, Argus Eco, Argus PT

Please note: Reolink-support Recommends to upgrade your camera (with hardware IPC_513/IPC_515) to the latest firmware before you add Reolink with Amazon Alexa. 

How to Add Reolink to amazon Alexa

Requirements to Add Reolink to Amazon Alexa

Now, coming to requirements to setup or add Reolink to Amazon Alexa, please find the list below. To use your Reolink cameras with Amazon Alexa, you are required to get the following devices and apps set up:

  1.  Reolink camera compatible with Alexa 
  2.  Amazon Echo show
  3.  Amazon Echo dot
  4.  The Reolink App
  5.  Amazon Alexa App and account on your mobile device

If the current camera firmware is not compatible with Alexa, Please upgrade before adding it to avoid any issues. How to find the hardware version and firmware version of your Reolink camera, use this link to validate and upgrade.

Follow these Steps to add Reolink with Amazon Alexa: Reolink support

To add Reolink with Amazon Alexa it is basically a three steps process, where first step is to add smart home capability to your Reolink Cloud Account for the device and then 2nd steps is to link it to your Amazon Alexa account. The 3rd step is to discover your Reolink device and add it. Yes, its that simple and you can get your cameras connected to Amazon Alexa in 5-10 minutes. Please make sure your camera has the upgraded software and the Reolink app along with Amazon App are also updated to the latest version before you begin steps to add Reolink with Amazon Alexa.

Here are the steps explained to add Reolink with Amazon Alexa :-

  1. On your phone,do the first step to add Reolink to Alexa, open the Reolink App and log in your Reolink cloud account, and there you will see the "Smart Home" option. 
  2. Click on the smart home option and enable the device listed there that you would like to add to Amazon Alexa in the Smart Home page. With this step you have enabled to add Reolink camera to Amazon Alexa.
  3. Now we go to the next step for adding the Reolink with Amazon Alexa, where we need to launch the Amazon Alexa app and on the bottom right corner hit Devices option. 
  4.  Here you can find and select Your Smart Home Skills and then hit the option that says Enable Smart Home Skills.. 
  5. Please click the "Search" icon at the top right corner and search Reolink Smart Home. once you get the Reolink smart home option select it and tap "Enable to Use", it will take you Reolink login and now type in your Reolink login info.
  6. Then enter Reolink login credentials and click on "Log in to Reolink account. You will get a confirmation that Reolink Smart Home has been successfully linked.
  7. Now the next step to add Reolink to Amazon Alexa is for discovery of Reolink devices. On Alexa app Tap on Discover Devices or you can also use voice command like "Alexa, discover devices".
  8. Now Alexa will scan and show the Reolink devices connected or linked to your Reolink account.
    It will show you the camera with its name. (Remember we have already named our cameras during first time setup).
  9. Below the linked device discovered tap on Set up Device, you can also choose a Group for the camera or you can skip this step. Now tap on “Continue” to finish the setup. You camera is linked to Alexa.
  10. Last step is to test your added Reolink to Amazon Alexa, Now you can launch the Echo dot and Echo Show and use voice command  say “Alexa, show (***name of the camera) to view the live stream and say "Alexa, stop (***name of the camera) to stop the live stream.
  11. You are all set and now ready to place your cameras at the desired location. Your cameras have been added to Amazon Alexa.
  12. If you would like to change the name of the cameras, in case changing the location of Reolink camera, it has to be done through the Reolink App


 Common questions to add Reolink with Amazon Alexa

 How to add Reolink as a skill in your Alexa App?

Answer: Go to Alexa app and enable smart home skill and then search for a skill, a search box will open up. Now type Reolink smart home and Alexa will show you the Reolink smart home option. Select this option and enable it to add Reolink as as skill in your Alexa App.

How Do I Check My Reolink Software Version? 

Answer: It is very easy to check the system information and find out the version of your camera. GO to Settings option and click on Device info, and then you will find the System information of your device. Then open the link for latest versions available for download and verify as per your Reolink device model to see if an upgrade is available or no.

How can i add my old Reolink with Amazon Alexa ?

Answer : To add old Reolink cameras with Amazon Alexa, you would need the system software or firmware upgrade as Reolink has given the system capability in later Reolink software upgrades. While upgrading if your current firmware isn't the latest you'd find a firmware build number larger than your current version available for download. When downloading make sure both camera/NVR model and hardware version to ensure you download the correct firmware for your product. If you are not able to do it on your own contact Reolink support using wen form or dial Reolink support number +1 800-486-7755.


I have tried everything but still cannot add Reolink with Amazon Alexa?

If you are not able to add Reolink with Alexa, common issues are due to software glitches and a manual reboot should be tried first, if it fails try doing factory settings default and run the upgrade again. Sometimes a back end update may be required so Reolink-support recommends contacting the technical help desk via email, web form or dial Reolink support number +1 800-486-7755. 

Alternatively you can send SMS to Reolink support number +1 818-666-6927, when unable to reach via phone and schedule call back according to your availability. Make sure you give us the best time to reach you and we will ensure quick revert.

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