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Reolink Argus series is the finest from Reolink, delivering impeccable image quality, great features and ease of management. Argus 2 , Argus pro and Argus eco are from the best Reolink has to offer in wifi cameras category . This Argus pro setup page is designed for Argus cameras setup including all the available options for setup. The end user may opt in for, for his new or old device according to his choice for Argus pro setup. Argus cameras are called the super simple or DIY security systems. Argus pro setup can be completed using phone or mobile device for (android/ ios) with Reolink app or on a computer with Reolink Client software. Argus pro setup works cable-free thanks to its rechargeable battery and reliable WiFi connection technology. Flexible and weatherproof features do make Argus pro setup easy and you can put it anywhere after setup for installation. If you are facing any issues during the Argus pro setup, then this Reolink support guide will assist you to fix the problems quickly. Follow the steps as described and even after trying the below listed steps, camera issue persists, please Dial contact Reolink support .


Reolink wifi cameras guide

Reolink support: Argus pro setup:

Know your wifi details to start with:

Reolink support recommends this as first step for Argus pro setup, find your 2.4 GHz wireless channel username and password as many people get stuck with this and cannot proceed with the setup further.

Selecting your access device platform:

Reolink Argus pro setup can be done using computer and phone or on both. Download Reolink client on your computer and Reolink app for your phone. Reolink support recommends latest downloads of both applications for best Argus pro setup as the older version can create problems sometimes. Selecting the Right kind of access device is equally important and for this before you proceed with Argus pro setup, understand how you want to access your cameras. For on the go access please use your smartphone as the access device.

Argus pro Setup with Phone App

Reolink support guided steps for Argus pro setup: Download the app from app store or play store

1: Click on +Plus sign on top corner on your app to add device to begin the Argus pro setup.

2:This will launch camera and now scan the QR code on the camera, now you will hear prompt for sync successive you option to connect to the wireless select your network and enter password. If it fails contact Reolink support

4:Another QR Code will show up on your phone screen and now take it in front of your camera so that camera can read the code.and you will get prompt for successful sync and your Argus pro setup is complete.

If sync fails, try power cycle of cameras or try factory reset, still unable to complete Argus pro setup on your own, please dial Reolink phone number for diagnostics and further installation help.

Set or modify motion parameters

Once Argus pro setup is complete and it is showing live feed, you need to set alarm and motion sensing settings. Argus pro setup guide recommends that you should be live during selecting the options according to your requirements. Follow the motion guidelines for Argus pro setup and carefully select the area you want to cover for incoming objects or beings. Argus pro can be little oversensitive so make sure your camera angle is proper. When motion settings are not working dial Reolink phone number +1 (833)-521-1510

Share with your family

Once the Argus pro setup is complete and you have checked all motion detection and notification settings, don't keep it to yourself, let your family member know and grant access view to them for the camera. This is recommended for cases where you are far from your home and the others can keep an eye on the notifications or anyone nearest to home can act accordingly in case of emergency. If you are using Argus pro for keeping eye on your sick elders, kids and pets, sharing view access helps to remain on top of the surveillance.

Reolink Argus setup issues

Reolink Argus pro setup may not be DIY all the time depending on various factors and it may fail. Most common reason for failed Argus pro setup is due to some existing network or device issues. Your WIFI setup, signal strength or router settings may not allow you to complete Argus pro setup and it can also be your phone or computer which can create software compatibility related glitches. Reolink support guide is available with diagnostics steps and still you require some assistance, dial Reolink phone number+1 833-521-1510 or contact support by filling contact form and we will help you fix the issues.

Contact Reolink support

Why choose Reolink Argus

Find the key features of Argus series wireless security cameras and choose according to the purpose and area of installation. Argus comes with rich video and cable-less structure, most suitable for outdoors. If you need professional help with installation and setup, dial our Reolink support number +1 (833)-521-1510

Reolink Argus 2 setup

Reolink Argus 2

100% Wire-Free camera

Rechargeable battery-powered

Solar-powered,  HD video  

Compare Battery-Powered Security Cameras

Months' camera standby time

Advance PIR motion sensor

Weatherproof camera ( outdoors & indoors)

Innovative mount design

Pan & Tilt upto 130 degree

Starlight night vision
Night vision distance 33ft
Two-way audio(Talk and Listen)
Remote viewing and control(iOS/Andriod)
Motion detection & alerts
Local storage, Cloud storage
Quick installation and setup guide by Reolink-support


Argus pro setup guideArgus Pro


Reolink argus 100% Wire-Free
Rechargeable battery-powered
Solar-powered,  HD video  
Compare Battery-Powered Security Cameras
Months' standby time
Advance PIR motion sensor
Weatherproof( outdoors & indoors)
Innovative mount design
Pan & Tilt upto 130 degree
Months' standby time Starlight night vision 

Night vision distance 33ft 

Two-way audio(Talk and Listen) Remote viewing and control(iOS/Andriod) Motion detection & alerts Local storage, Cloud storage No installation, setup guide from reolink-support

Reolink Argus Eco setup guide

Argus Eco

 100% Wire-Free  

Rechargeable battery-powered non removable
Solar-powered,  HD video 
100% Wire-Free, Solar-powered
Rechargeable battery-powered
Months' standby time
Latest PIR motion sensor
Weatherproof (Install outdoors & indoors)
Innovative mount design
Pan & Tilt 100 degree
Months' standby time Starlight night vision Night vision distance 33ft Two-way audio(Talk and Listen)

 Remote viewing and control(iOS/Andriod)

 Motion detection & alerts Local storage, Cloud storage 

Reolink-support guide for quick setup and installation.

Reolink Argus setup issues: Quick fixes recommended

When Fail to add Reolink Argus wifi camera:

Reolink Argus pro setup fail to connect to WIFI
Reolink Client Wifi options

It may happen that during Argus pro setup this error shows up and you need follow the below listed steps to fix it,

  • Please make sure device is powered on properly or power cycle Reolink camera once.
  • The camera should be powered up via 12V DC adapter
  • Cover the day/night sensor on the camera and check if the IR LEDs are lit up. If not, change a different 12V DC adapter & socket.
  • In the Reolink client on computer or on App try to add device and see with scan in LAN, if this fails Reset Reolink camera and start again.


Reolink Argus pro setup fails to add camera via Reolink client:

Remember, when using the Reolink client for Reolink Argus pro setup, Reolink Argus series cameras can only be added to Reolink Client by UID . Some users amy try adding it using IP Address or Domain Name, it will not work. Please select UID as the register mode and enter the UID, Password and Device Name, then click OK to add. if its fails to complete Argus pro setup,try power cycle by removing power and battery and we recommend factory reset argus pro and try again,it should work. If factory reset fails, contact Reolink support or dial reolink phone number +1 833-521-1510. Ensure there is no damage on the camera and if there is contact Reolink returns or warranty replacement.


Failed to setup push notifications:

During the Reolink Argus pro setup, you may get the "Failed to set up message" when you try to enable the Push Notification for Reolink argus pro. Make sure your phone settings are set properly for push notifications and reolink app has the permissions granted ON. Most users get stuck due to their phone settings and this step will resolve the issue and let complete the Argus pro setup. Also ensure Reolink app has the permission to overlay the notifications above other running apps. When phone permissions are ON and issue  persist, Reolink-support recommends, reboot your device first and then in your app settings disable and after few seconds enabled the push notification. You can also try rebooting your camera, phone and router to remove any temporary networking glitches, simple reboot works most of the time. Contact reolink support for more help for Reolink Argus pro setup, if you have tried these steps and still unable to set it up nicely.


Upload videos to Reolink cloud:

Create Your Cloud Account via Reolink App and choose the plan which you want and then bind the cameras to cloud. On your app   Log in/Sign up your Reolink account.  Upgrade your cameras to use the cloud service. If your cameras have already upgraded to the latest version, Dial reolink phone number when you need manual help.

Avoid False motion alerts on Argus:

Reolink support suggest choosing a proper position and it will avoid most false alerts. Set the proper sensitivity for the PIR sensor &  Set the proper schedule for the PIR sensor. You may try to adjust the installation angle to be away from the false alerts trigger area or contact REOLINK SUPPORT for more help.


How to Reset Reolink Argus:

Having a trouble with the camera during setup and later on when the general troubleshooting fails, go for factory defaults. As shown in picture use and paper clip and insert it in RST hole and hold it for few seconds until you hear reset successful voice. Once on default settings you can set up the cameras again. If problem continues contact reolink support.

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