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Contact Reolink support by phone number now for all device integrations or use the chat option available for camera setup guide and camera installation services. Our Reolink-support is here to assist with all device help, right from download and setup for the Reolink client or app integrations to customized settings process with third party devices and applications, dial Reolink support number +1 800-486-7755 (9AM to 7PM EST). There are few issues which you may encounter while setup and malfunctioning of your camera, for which this Reolink support number will be handy. You can contact Reolink support for Reolink camera support, like camera streaming access device software, networking issues, firmware upgrade problems and performance related queries. Please refer the Camera setup guide for common queries and if unable to find solution to the problems, Dial Reolink support number +1 800-486-7755 or send us SMS on +1 818-666-6927 and Reolink-support expert will revert asap. For quick queries support you can use Phone, Chat options and use SMS for callback when you need installation help. We are delivering all third party device support under one contact for your Reolink devices now.

Reolink support number

Contact Reolink support by phone, Dial +1 800-486-7755, Please open the chat window on the bottom right corner to talk to live person, when unable to reach via phone

Fill in the contact form for queries related to Reolink support guide.

Reolink-support's myreohomecam is dedicated web portal for Reolink customers for camera setup and installation support. Contact Reolink support for urgent queries by phone and if you have any general information related query, we recommend using the web form and we will revert via email or phone. For custom installation and Reolink smart home setup assistance you can also send email to or Dial Reolink phone number (7 days open).

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Find the self help links here for that you can try and if already tried the steps, Contact Reolink Support

Reolink software download:  Reolink Client download and setup 

Download and install the latest version and link your camera using the Reolink client or Reolink App on-screen instructions. If unable to install the software the issue is with your device being used, your computer or phone may need additional permission settings tweak. If you cannot find the solution, contact Reolink support by using Reolink phone number or by sending SMS.

Unable to add Reolink camera: Reolink camera setup

If you are not able to add new camera to Reolink client or app try the steps given in the Reolink camera setup guide. The primary reason most of the time is networking and software glitches. Try reboot and factory reset of your camera, if it fails then contact Reolink support. Make sure you contact Reolink support when in front of the devices and have access to basic network information. We can guide you towards a quick resolution based on the core problem.

Reolink camera installation support:  Reolink support guide

Though Reolink camera installation is easy but when you need precise camera setup with right area coverage, its better to Contact Reolink Support. Our experts can Guide you from selecting the right kind of cameras, software , access devices and other smart home devices integrations for better usage and control over your surveillance architecture. The correct positioning of the cameras and integrated devices is crucial where coverage area is bigger and our Reolink support desk can help you do it the right way,

Reolink Smart home setup:  Reolink camera setup

To make your old devices compatible with smart home devices, you will have to upgrade firmware. Smart home concept not only helps you to gain better access but also brings ease of usage. Voice command setup is the most convenient way people can think about and when you want to integrate your Reolink cameras with smart home devices like Alexa, smart door bells, Google home, contact Reolink support for quick assistance.

Reolink camera not working properly: Find Reolink support Guide

There are few common issues end users may come across, find resolution steps with Reolink support guide. Most issues can be fixed with reboot or reset and however the support guide gives you illustrated scenario based steps to resolve issues.

Camera return or replacement: Fill the form to return or replace your devices

Please submit the form given in this link for Reolink devices return or replacement and Reolink support will get back to you. You can also raise request regarding you order shipment here.


Reolink support number

We are working our best to maintain service level in this covid-19 times,but on some days delayed service calls may happen due to high volumes of requests. Please leave the best time to reach you so that we can get back to you at the right time.

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