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Reolink camera setup

Reolink camera setup

Reolink camera setup assistance and easy setup guide from Reolink support . Make sure you have working internet and setup device which can be a computer or smartphone to start the process. Reolink Wireless home security cameras installation require no drilling or wiring, like traditional cameras. Reolink wireless camera setup is hassle- free and it is just easy plug n play. Wifi setup can be tricky at times due an ongoing network issue or device settings issue. then you need a guided solution to walk you through the whole setup process and our guide can easily help you through the process. Else dial Reolink phone number to know more about camera setup.

Phone +1 800-486-7755

Reolink camera setup for Windows Client

Reolink support solution: Reolink setup via client
Follow the given below Reolink camera setup guide for systems. Reolink camera setup for Windows: Reolink support guide
  • The camera needs to be powered on before Reolink camera setup. ensure the lights are visible on the led panel.
  • Make sure that your PC is in the same local network with the router for proper detection and integrations. When the NVR or camera is using the same LAN as your PC, you can setup or add via Reolink Client easily with the following methods
  1. Connect your camera to Ethernet port of your router with LAN cable.
  2. Create Reolink Account and download the Reolink client software.
  3.  Choose Add Device and then click on Scan Device in LAN to scan your Reolink device .
  4. Double click the device detected and shown in the list and enter information to log into the Reolink device.
If camera is not getting detected during Reolink camera setup, please follow below given steps :>
  1. Reboot your camera or if it is brand new camera try doing Reolink camera factory reset.
  2. Disable any network firewall on your device as it can block any incoming IP address request.
  3. Restart your computer and router and ensure the computer is on same network you want to connect the camera with
Call Reolink support number for additional troubleshooting.

Reolink wireless camera setup WiFi Camera via Web Browsers

Reolink wireless camera setup

Reolink support guide to quickly configure wireless settings for your cameras via Web Browsers

Reolink support solution:

  • The camera needs to be powered on before Reolink camera setup
  • Make sure that your PC is in the same local network with the router.

Step 1: Connect your camera to Ethernet port of your router with LAN cable.

Step 2: Now using Web Browser login to your Reolink camera.

Step 3: Click on Device Settings button.

Step 4: Select Network - WiFi Settings.

Step 5: Click on the Scan button, and then double click on the SSID you want to connect and input its password, then click on Test WiFi . You will see notification for  WIFI Test Succeed”, click OK for system to save the settings.

Step 6: Now remove the Ethernet cable between your camera and router. Wait for sometime, then the camera will connect to the router via Wi-F to complete Reolink wireless camera setup. Call Reolink phone number for additional troubleshooting.

How to Set up Network via Reolink Client

Reolink wifi setup by Reolink support Setup network via reolink client software

Setting up network  in Reolink client is Relatively easy  with Reolink support guide. You need to understand the basics of the client and its pages with control features and modules. Install the Reolink Client on your device and for the network setup, Reolink client network page can be divided into four parts, General Network, Advanced Network, Network Status, and Wi-Fi Settings.

1 General Network page, here you can set Gateway and assign an IP address for your device. There you will find two options under Network Access, first one is Static and the other is DHCP.

2 Advanced Network page, primarily to set DDNS for remote access, to set up the port, use the NTP to sync time, to set up E-mail and Push notification alert when motion is detected, and to enable UID/P2P for your device.

3  Network Status page, you can check the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS of your device

4  Wi-Fi Settings page, you can set up the WiFi for your camera.

Reolink support network settings page. Reolink client

Reolink wifi setup basics for Windows Client

Reolink wifi setup with Reolink client

Set up DDNS via Reolink Client


Step 1. Launch the Reolink Client and go to Device Settings >> Network Advanced >> DDNS.

Step 2. Enable DDNS and choose no-IP or DynDNS as the DDNS Server Type. Then input the Domain name, User Name, and Password and click OK to save the settings.

Reolink support both no-ip and DynDNS. If Facing problem please check media port and forward the port on router interface.

Enable UID via Reolink Client

You can log in the cameras/ NVR and find the Device Settings page and from there go to Network Advanced  settings page and check or uncheck the UID enable to enable/disable UID via Reolink client.

Use NTP to Synchronize Time via Reolink Client

First step is to log into cameras/ NVR and go to Device Settings page.  Now look for Network advanced  settings page and select the NTP Setup option.  Then click the Synchronize option and you may see the Ntp settings succeeded flash message at the bottom for successful synchronization confirmation, If facing problem contact Reolink support.

Set up Reolink Ports Settings on Reolink Client

Reolink support solution:

First open Reolink Client, go to Device Settings - Network - Advanced, then click Setup next to Port Settings. The value of all ports will show up to complete Reolink camera setup. The range of the port number is 1~65535 and not   all the routers support UPnP

1. Please understand that Reolink ports settings can only be found via Reolink Client and in General Ports settings are not available for Reolink battery-powered cameras. Dial Reolink phone number for manual troubleshooting.

Set up E-mail via Reolink Client

Log in your camera and go to Network -> Advanced -> E-mail.  fill in all the information

Please select all the options as shown in the table to setup according to your requirements.

The SMTP Server and the SMTP Port may vary depending on your email service provider. If you are using Gmail as the Sender Email, you may leave the default SMTP Server ( and default Port (465) unchanged. However, if you set other emails, such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, as the Sender Email, you will need to input the corresponding SMTP server & SMTP port. Reolink camera setup should be complete with this if not reach Reolink support or dial Reolink phone number for help.

Reolink camera setup with Amazon Alexa

Some end users would like to setup Reolink camera with smart home device like Alexa. Yes, you can setup the Reolink cameras with Amazon Alexa and for this you would only need to use the Reolink App and Amazon Alexa APP on your mobile device and your Amazon Echo show or Amazon Echo dot device. The smart home option is available only under the Reolink cloud account, please try below steps for setup.
1: On your Reolink App log in your cloud account and there you can see the Smart Home option.
2: It will show you the list of cameras and you have to enable the device you want to add to Amazon Alexa in the Smart Home page.
3: Go to your Alexa App and enable smart home skill for Alexa and search for Reolink smart home and enable it for use. It will ask for Reolink account login information and once you put in your credentials, it will show "Reolink Smart Home has been successfully linked". Click on done
4: In Alexa app tap on "Discover Devices" or use voice command "Alexa, discover devices". Alexa will scan and show the devices linked to your Reolink account. Select the option to choose group or skip the steps and hit "Set Up Device" and hit Continue to finish setup. You are done with the Reolink camera setup for your smart home Amazon Alexa device.

Reolink camera setup with Google assistant:

Please note: The Google Home function is only available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Follow the below steps for setup

1 To begin the Reolink setup with Google assistant, launch the Reolink App and log in your cloud account, and then you will find the Smart Home option and enable the device you would like to setup.

2 Now open the Google Home, sign in your account and then Get Started to create a home. Next you should name your home and click Next to build a connection between the Chromecast and the Google Home.

3 After the Chromecast found, please check the code shown on your TV and click Yes to continue. Connect the Wi-Fi network you would like to use with your Chromecast, then you can change room name, which will be added to your room list. Now click the account login button to enter the account page, and then tap Settings > Assistant > Home Control.  Click on the plus sign and search Reolink in the search bar and assign the room for the camera you enabled in the cloud account via Reolink App. Thats it, Now your Reolink camera is added to the Google Home successfully.

In case you are not able to add your cameras to Google home, please contact Reolink support for more help or Dial Reolink phone number for set up assistance.

Dial Reolink support number +1 800-486-7755

Things To Remember before you start Reolink Camera Set up

With Reolink you have multiple settings option to arm the camera according to your needs. Some like to setup reolink camera on phones while other may prefer computer or their home monitor display. You should understand the important location and areas that you would like to cover with Reolink security system and then opt for the best camera angles, numbers and other factors for reolink camera setup. Find the points at this article, you need to remember during Reolink camera setup process.

Common issues you may face during Reolink Camera Setup

Although Reolink cameras are very easy to setup but you may get stuck most of the times due to network issues with all Reolink wifi enabled cameras and which can be fixed most fo the times by simple reboot or resetting the device. Lets find out common issues end users face While setting up Reolink cameras.

1. Getting error "UID is invalid when scanning the QR code for Reolink camera setup on your phone

This is a Reolink battery operated  camera problem with and it can be fixed quickly by ensuring that your phone is connected to the internet properly and if you are entering the UID manually, double check it is correct. Try factory reset of your camera and if problem persist contact Reolink support.

2. Wifi Connection fails during Reolink camera initial setup

Most users get stuck with this problem due to incorrect wif password or the router fails to assign an IP address to your Reolink camera while setting it up. For both Wifi or Lan connected cameras you router could be the point of failure and please make sure you reset your Reolink camera to factory default to rule out camera software glitches. Make sure you are using the correct WiFi password or the Ethernet cables are properly connected. Check you DHCP settings are enabled and Reach Reolink support for further technical assistance.

3. Reolink Go issues during initial camera setup

Reolink Go is so easy to setup but can give you hard time only when h issue is with your sim card. Ensure you are using Reolink recommended carrier sim card and it is properly installed. Reolink camera setup will generally fail due to poor signal strength and compatibility issues. Please check the recommended sim card for Reolink Go setup and talk to your provider first  and make sure your sim is activated and receiving good network.

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