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This module is for Reolink Go setup and will help you understand the basics and setup process for better usage experience. Reolink Go is one of the finest camera available in the market as per end user reviews. Reolink Go is a sim card operated security camera which can be used in remote area where you don't have proper WiFi network available. Reolink Go uses 4G LTE cellular network. Like our mobile phone, Reolink Go setup needs a micro SIM card and cellular data plan before using. Before proceeding with Reolink camera setup, one need to have a compatible sim card. You cannot setup reolink go with just any working sim card in your area. Reolink Go setup can be done only with below recommended sim cards which have been tested by Reolink support. If you are new Reolink Go user and want to know the sim cards and carriers that can be used for Reolink Go camera, please refer to the following guides.
1: Select the sim card carrier with proper network available in your area.
2: Please buy the SIM card from the tested carriers/providers.
3: Select the SIM card of the required size, and make sure that it can be inserted into Reolink GO correctly.
 Here are the SIM card carriers you can select in United states for your Reolink GO camera. Click on the link to buy sim card from the provider. During Reolink Go setup, selecting right Sim card is very important as the battery life may vary according to mobile network service providers, signal strength, and other factors. We recommend T-Mobile, US Mobile, Ting in general. Verify with the provider before buying the sim card to avoid hassle later on.

Network Operator in USA for Reolink GO sim card

Virtual Network Operator in USA for Reolink GO sim card

US Mobile (T-Mobile service ONLY) , Ting , Freedompop, Cricket, Mint

Link for Reolink GO setup compatible carriers worldwide: Click to open list

DATA USAGE: The basic question everyone has while selecting the sim card for Reolink Go setup, is about the data consumption and cost. Data usage of your Reolink Go depends upon the bitrate you set up for your camera. 1 hour of live feed in Clear mode (default bitrate: 1.5Mbps) will use about 1GB of data. And if you use 1GB of data to stream live feed in Fluent mode (default bitrate: 160kbps), you can watch for 10 hours. Based on that, you can calculate the data usage and choose the appropriate data plan from the carries or sim card provider. Select the provider based on network service and signal strength in your area for proper Reolink go setup.

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Reolink Go Setup Guide Illustrated

                                       Reolink Go setup instructions:

Here are the steps you need to follow during the Reolink Go setup.This is a basic Reolink Go setup guide and if you face any issues during setup please contact Reolink support for further help. The support can guide you to fix Reolink Go setup issues, but for any problem related to the sim card , you need to contact the sim card provider only. Lets begin with Reolink Go camera setup now.
  •  Download and Install Reolink app on your phone
  • Install the sim card and power up your Reolink go camera. Your camera will try to connect with carrier network and you should hear the voice "Network connection succeeded",
    then you can start the initial setup via the Reolink App.
  • Tap on the (PLUS + ) icon in the top right corner to start configuration.
  • Now with your phone scan the QR code on the back of the Reolink Go camera. If your phone isn't responding with scan, please click on the Enter button below the scan window and then type in the 16-digits characters under the QR code of the camera. 
  • Create the login password and click Next to continue.
  • Name the camera and set the time, then click the button Next to enter the next page. 
  • Read the tips and click Use now to finish the Initialization.    
 During this setup if your device fails to connect to network, try reset reolink camera. Try reinserting  the sim card and reboot your phone as well. A simple reboot may fix the problem as most of the time it is a minor glitch. You can also setup the Reolink go with Reolink Client software. Download Reolink Client on your computer and add the camera.
Reset reolink Go camera:
Open the back cover, take out the battery from the camera, and then insert it into the battery container again to make sure that the camera is powered on before the reset. Insert the a paper clip or reset needle into the reset hole, press and hold for 3-5 seconds until you hear a chime. Remove the reset needle and the camera will restart with default settings.

Common issues with Reolink GO setup

Reolink Go disconnects automatically:

Sometime the Reolink Go setup fails as camera disconnects automatically after few minutes. This could be a issue with the network and signal strength. Mostly in remote areas it happens that you might have poor signal strength at the particular area where camera is installed. So check signal strength or try to change location of camera and if signal is good then reset your camera. If problem persist speak to Reolink support.

Reolink Go Delayed notifications:

If your Reolink Go is not able to deliver quick motion detection notifications on your phone, the issues primarily lies with your network. A slow network of sim card used with Reolink Go setup or your phone can cause delayed notifications. Check your network for any lags and reboot your camera, update your phone app and camera firmware if available. Reset Reolink camera to rule out software glitch and contact Reolink support more further help on this.

Reolink GO battery drains quickly:

This is also a common issue reported by end users and the primary reason is poor network and the settings for the live mode. Keep your Reolink go on default settings for longer battery life and if there is too much motion detection the camera will use more power obviously. make sure the camera is installed at the right angle to pick up the desired motion and not the unnecessary kind of movements. Reolink support recommends using solar panel with Go cameras for better usage experience.
We hope this quick Reolink Go setup guide will help users to understand the camera basics and answer some of the questions they might have. Reolink GO is DIY camera with easy to setup and manage principle. However, we also understand that end users might have different issues with the Reolink Go setup and installation, so we are there to help and our Reolink support number is available 7 days a week to answer your queries. So dial Reolink support number (+1 818 666-6927)  for custom installation help and troubleshooting when your Reolink camera not working.

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