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Your security cameras needs to be up 24/7 and if your Reolink camera not working?, Lets try to find out and differentiate main issues like WiFi issues, no video, not able to view image or can't view cameras remotely? Here is a Reolink not working scenario detailed troubleshooting list or Reolink security camera problems and their solutions to help you fix some of these issues on your own. The Reolink security camera general troubleshooting is explained below and most of you can successfully fix common Reolink not working issues. Find below the top Reolink camera issues and the prescribed methods to fix your Reolink cameras not working properly. However, when you have specific needs for your Reolink not working due to third party device or application or camera issues like setup or installation, just Reach reolink support for further help.

Find Common reasons why is your Reolink not working properly.

Reolink not working : Power issues

This is the most common issue with the cameras, your camera may simply wont power on or the issue could be intermittent. For Reolink not working scenario, always check the power cable or the battery according to your camera model as the issues primarily lies with loose or faulty power supply and battery life has ended. For newer IP cameras try replacing the batteries and that should fix the problem. The low power on your camera will result the camera loosing connection all the time, always check the cables for any damages, try new pair of batteries. For POE cameras check the cable for any physical damage, try swapping the cable ends, try a diff port on your router and try replacing the cable. For WiFi cameras and cameras in the NVR kit, try to use Ethernet cables to directly connect them to your router and see whether your device can be connected to the network successfully. Reolink not working due to faulty cables is next common issue.

Reolink camera not working due to cable or wire problems:  Reolink camera not working: power or cable issues

Reolink not working or the intermittent problem can be due to a cable connection issue at times. If your reolink not working properly and show issues like, no image, no video recording at night, the power led goes off in between or the IR lights are off in dark or night time, it's likely that a cable is loose or faulty. Try swapping with another cable to rule out the cause of failure or connect the camera/ cable to another one and see if the problem is resolved. There can be issue with your NVR power cable or the power plug itself might be faulty. For intermittent issues with power, video or image and IR system, make sure to check the cabling and for POE cameras try swapping the cable ends. This simple trick works most of the times.

Security camera not working properly: pending reboot

This is the very first thing to do when your experience any functionality issues with your camera and as a Thumb Rule in troubleshooting, even your support rep will ask you to reboot camera first. The camera software, firmware, patch updates or cache can create few functionality issues, especially for the suddenly not working security cameras, rebooting the reolink camera or NVR may fix the issues. You can reboot your Reolink security camera to release the cache and camera will reconfigure itself to saved settings, all other settings handled by camera software and connections will be auto revised. There can be a pending software update installation or a little software/firmware glitch which makes the camera nonfunctional and the simple reboot can fix that. To reboot the surveillance or system, directly unplug the power supply to the camera or NVR and wait for a 30 seconds, then reconnect power cables and turn on your camera. Contact reolink support for any product warranty related damages.

Reolink Camera not working : Software/ firmware update not installed

Your camera software updates are rolled out to add more features and enhance camera functionality. The security system is managed by the software and if you see connection and settings issues on your system it is probably because of the compatibility between the software and the firmware. Updating the software and the firmware to the latest versions can solve the issues. When you hook up your camera to Reolink client or apps on your computer and phones respectively the software/app will always look for compatible firmware on your camera and without which it will fail to sync or connect. The WiFi connectivity problems can be because of the missing updates. When some features of your camera management app/ software are not working, look for any pending updates and install them. Always use the recommended Reolink software or app (from the manufacturer) as these are perfect for your camera, with all the required features and without any compatibility issues. If you are using any third-party software for your cameras, look for the new version and always use latest one. Reolink wont test all third party apps and one need to confirm if all the features from the camera app are available or no. Sometimes the latest update can cause few issues but these are quickly fixed with the release of subsequent updates. In some cases, you can try uninstalling/reinstalling  the software or app from your device and fix software issues. Call Reolink support, when you need further help.

Reolink camera not working: WiFi connectivity problems

The WiFi enabled latest security cameras are easy to setup and use. No hassle of cables and highly customized installation of these cameras make them the first choice now a days but, there can be WiFi connectivity problems with these cameras. It is very easy to setup and just follow simple sync process and the software is designed to finish the setup. Sometimes your camera wont sync or stay connected to the network.

To fix this issue reboot your camera and router, we recommend power cycle your router ( remove power cable for 2 mins and then plug it back on). Reolink only works with 2.4 GHZ network and try changing the wifi channel to 6,9,11.

Make sure UDP ports are enabled on your router and check the NTP settings and your local network settings to ensure that UDP ports are not blocked by the firewalls. Configure Dhcp settings of your router properly.

Check your system firewall settings and allow Reolink Client to pass through on your computers when using reolink client. Like any other, reolink IP security camera needs a unique IP address, for it to send and receive data via internet or computer network. If there is any other device using the same IP address with the reolink camera, there will be an IP conflict and will be the cause for your security camera not working. Check to see if your security camera with problems has an IP address conflict issue Check for the firmware updates on your router and install if available. Reset reolink camera to factory defaults and try again, also make sure your device being used for setup is connected to the same network. Your cameras should not be too far from the router, as weak signal will break WiFi connection randomly. Try range extenders if your cameras are far from your main router. Call Reolink tech support for additional troubleshooting and camera installation service.

If after, checking the above steps still your Reolink is not working please go for the Reolink camera factory settings reset.  camera reset and then establish the wifi connection. For NVR users your can reset your NVR too and then start fresh and this most of the times fixes most fo Reolink not working properly issues as t he device goes back to its default settings.

Reolink GO wont connect to network

Reolink Go is 4G LTE camera and operates with a sim card. Reolink Go not working due to sim card is common problem and most of the time it is the sim card problem.Check below steps to fix Reolink Go not working properly.
1: To make your Go camera work, you will have to use only Reolink technologies recommended sim carrier and the signal strength should also be good in your area for that carrier. With poor signal or carrier network your camera will keep on loosing connection.
2: Sometimes your Reolink go wont work due to improper sim card installation. Please try to press the metal sheet on the SIM card slot so that the SIM card can adjust or contact well with the camera. Please see the Reolink recommended steps for Reolink Go sim card installation in the product guide.
3: If you are certain that sim card is working good and still Reolink is not working properly then try power cycle of your camera and check, if not working problem is intermittent try the Reolink factory reset and check. If it fails to resolve the issue try a different provider sim card and check. It could be an issue with the camera if it fails to work properly with a good known sim card and contact Reolink warranty support for device hardware support. We have observed in most of the cases, it is the sim card and carrier signal issues due to which your Reolink wont work. Reach Reolink-support when you need any advance setup assistance.

Reset reolink Go camera:
Open the back cover, take out the battery from the camera, and then insert it into the battery container again to make sure that the camera is powered on before the reset. Insert the a paper clip or reset needle into the reset hole, press and hold for 3-5 seconds until you hear a chime. Remove the reset needle and the camera will restart with default settings.

Reolink motion detection not working:

Reolink motion detection not working is another issue that is primarily due to the incorrect positioning of the camera and probably the user forgets to configure motion detection setting properly during setup stage. Reolink users might experience, their security camera will not activate itself to people walking into its frame, nor does the camera capture any other motion events. To fix this issue try below steps

1 First of all make sure you have enabled motion detection settings in your Reolink client software or Reolink mobile app or any other third party app you are using.

2 Other settings one can try to fix the issue are readjusting the sensibility and change other motion detection settings like increasing sensibility to object size.

2 Resetting Geo-fencing

3 Resetting motion detection schedule

4 Increasing contrast to the max

5 Resetting the threshold level

Also try adjusting the camera and placement of your Reolink camera as your camera wont be able to focus the right area without the right angle an position. Sometimes camera behind glass panels would also give this problem due to refraction and reflection so change your camera position to fix issue. If the motion detection on your Reolink camera is not working after having tried these steps please try resetting the camera and if it fails contact warranty support.

Reolink common issues:

If your reolink camera is showing any of the below mentioned issues, try the solutions given above to quickly resolve them. And if you have any further questions or need some advance reolink camera troubleshooting support, contact reolink support

The most common Reolink not working issues or scenarios

  • Security camera video playback is not working.
  • Not able to view Reolink security cameras remotely.
  • Night vision or IR system not working.
  • Can't connect to the NVR security camera on my iPhone/iPad.
  • 24/7 video recording not working.
  • Reolink client wont let me add cameras.
  • Reolink app connection failed error.
  • Reolink motion detection not working.
  • Reolink camera won't connect to WiFi.
  • No WiFi signal,Reolink GO specifically.
  • Your NVR system not turning on or flashing LED's.
  • Reolink camera picture quality is poor, not clear.
  • Reolink Go Camera not connecting to network.

Remember, your Reolink camera works on simplified structure and these are DIY cameras. Find how to check if your Reolink camera is working or not by following the setup guide instructions. Follow the basic steps given at the top of the page and next time you can fix some of the issues on your own. Reolink not working in broad spectrum is term used for multiple types of issues, so try to identify the issues by following the troubleshooting for power, cables, reboot, connectivity and software. If you are facing any other ”reolink not working” troubles, you can also try the Reolink troubleshooting guide.

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