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Reolink NVR setup guide

Reolink NVR setup guide by Reolink-support USA. Get help with your NVR setup and installation

Reolink NVR Setup Guide: Reolink support

Getting started with Reolink NVR setup guide is easy and depending with your camera and NVR selection, you can find the most appropriate ways to setup your NVR. When you start the Reolink NVR for the first time, the Setup Wizard will run automatically if you connect the NVR to the monitor/TV and power it on. Remember for security reasons, it will be the password screen that will show up first and setup will guide you through. Reolink WiFi cameras can be added to Reolink PoE NVRs if they are in the same LAN. This Reolink NVR setup guide will explain you all possible ways for setup in just few minutes by following below given six steps.

  • Create your password
  • Choose a language, resolution, video Standard, and check QR Code/UID
  • Setup time zone
  • HDD Management
  • Email Configuration (Gmail is suggested to use the sender one)
  • Camera List

Reolink NVR setup help and Guided solutions for Common problems

Reolink NVR setup is easy compared to traditional NVr systems, but few customers may get stuck during this process simply due to some technical glitch which is a network related issue most of the time. One can fix the network issues as well, by following the simple instructions and understanding of how to process of Reolink NVR setup. It is very important to understand your Reolink NVr kit and the device which is used to access the video. Customers can go for or may have a Reolink NVr setup kit with Wifi cameras or with POE and standard ethernet cameras, so we will discuss these Reolink NVr setup kit configurations

Reolink NVR Setup Wizard: Create Password Screen

This is the first step for Reolink NVR Setup to secure your NVR for security reasons. The Reolink NVR Setup Wizard will run automatically the first time you start the NVR.

For Security Purpose,Here you need to create the password using at least 6 characters to continue. After Setting, then Click “Next“ to continue. The Username Is ADMIN for NVR’s default account and remember you can’t change the Admin username.

You cannot select the level "Admin" is greyed out as it goes with maximum security by default. The last option is Enable password and here select this if you want to be prompted for the user account’s password when accessing the main menu.

Reolink NVr setup Guide by Reolink support USA

General Reolink NVR setup Guide: Reolink support

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