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Reolink NVR setup guide

Reolink NVR setup guide by Reolink-support USA. Get help with your NVR setup and installation

Reolink NVR Setup Guide: Reolink support

Getting started with Reolink NVR setup guide is easy and depending with your camera and NVR selection, you can find the most appropriate ways to setup your NVR. When you start the Reolink NVR for the first time, the Setup Wizard will run automatically if you connect the NVR to the monitor/TV and power it on. Remember for security reasons, it will be the password screen that will show up first and setup will guide you through. Reolink WiFi cameras can be added to Reolink PoE NVRs if they are in the same LAN. This Reolink NVR setup guide will explain you all possible ways for setup in just few minutes by following below given seven steps.

  1. Create your Password
  2. Choose Your Desired Language
  3. Choose Resolution and Video Standard
  4. Check QR Code/UID
  5. Setup Time Zone
  6. HDD Management
  7. Email Configuration (Gmail suggested)


Reolink NVR setup help and Guided solutions for Common problems

Reolink NVR setup is easy compared to traditional NVr systems, but few customers may get stuck during this process simply due to some technical glitch which is a network related issue most of the time. One can fix the network issues as well, by following the simple instructions and understanding of how to process of Reolink NVR setup. It is very important to understand your Reolink NVr kit and the device which is used to access the video. Customers can go for or may have a Reolink NVr setup kit with Wifi cameras or with POE and standard ethernet cameras, so we will discuss these Reolink NVr setup kit configurations

Reolink NVR Setup Wizard: PoE NVR

This is the first step for Reolink NVR Setup to secure your NVR for security reasons. The Reolink NVR Setup Wizard will run automatically the first time you start the NVR.

For Security Purpose,Here you need to create the password using at least 6 characters to continue. After Setting, then Click “Next“ to continue. The Username Is ADMIN for NVR’s default account and remember you can’t change the Admin username.

You cannot select the level "Admin" is greyed out as it goes with maximum security by default. The last option is Enable password and here select this if you want to be prompted for the user account’s password when accessing the main menu.

Reolink NVr setup Guide by Reolink support USA

Getting Started with Reolink NVR setup Kit

What is Reolink NVR kit? In simple terms NVR is your Network video recorder, a device that records your and save your videos captured bythe cameras over the network. So we can say that it is a set of security cameras as per customers choice and network video recorders, providing video monitoring capabilities around your home and business. Reolink is offering two types of NVRs, which are PoE and Wifi enabled. Now lets find out the basics of Reolink NVR setup for both the PoE and WiFi enabled nvr's.

Reolink Nvr Setup: For PoE NVR with Monitor Connected



Reolink POE nvr setup connection diagram

Please read and follow this Reolink Nvr setup guide for proper cable connectivity and the initial setup of your PoE NVR with a monitor or TV connected. The diagram above gives you an overview of cables and ports to be used and for customized Reolink NVR setup or any technical problems, speak with Reolink support. Lets read the basic steps for setup and cabling for your Reolink NVR PoE before you begin the process or you can simply complete the setup as give in these steps one by one.

  1. First step for Reolink Nvr setup is to connect the NVR to a Monitor or TV via the VGA or HDMI cable. in case there is no display please set the monitor resolution to 1920*1080.
  2. Now lets connect connect it to network using an Ethernet cable, from the LAN port of your Reolink NVR to LAN port of your router or network device.
  3. Connect the camera’s RJ-45 network socket to the POE Camera port on the NVR using the Ethernet cables provided. Depending upon number of cameras you can use the ports on the NVR.
  4. Now you can connect the mouse to the USB port and do right click to access menu live view page.
  5. Lets power on the NVR now, connect the Power Adapter provided with the kit. Please use the Reolink supplied power adapter only to avoid any power related issues.
  6. The Setup Wizard will run automatically when you turn on the NVR for the first time. The wizard will guide you through all the settings you need to finish your Reolink NVR setup and get it working.Wizard options for Reolink NVR Setup screen

    1. Create your password( write it down to avoid any issues later on)
    2. Select from options like Setup language, Video Standard,Resolution,Time Zone,Date Format,Device Name, UID
    3. HDD Management
    4. Network Configuration (DHCP by default)
    5. Device list
    6. Email Configuration (Gmail is suggested)

Reolink NVR Setup on the Monitor for Wifi NVR RLN4-211W; RLN4-210W

This section for Reolink NVr setup is just same, please follow the steps for inital setup and the steps to add wifi cameras. to check the images for cabling please refer to this link

  1. First step for Reolink Nvr setup is to connect the NVR to a Monitor or TV via the VGA or HDMI cable. in case there is no display please set the monitor resolution to 1920*1080.
  2. Connect the mouse to the USB port.
  3. Connect the NVR to the power supply and turn it on. Once you power on the NVR and the camera. The system will connect automatically. The preview takes approximately 30 seconds to load.
  4. Follow the same Reolink nvr setup wizard screen option and save the selected options to finish the Reolink nvr setup. In case you find any issues during setup, Dial reolink support number for help.


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