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First thing you need to set up your new Reolink camera is the Reolink mobile app and Reolink computer software according to your device. Reolink software download is available for all platforms including Android, IOS, Mac or windows . Reolink setup works best with the latest Reolink Client Software for computers and Reolink App for android and IOS devices . Download the latest software /apps for your primary access device( computer and mobile). Reolink support recommends its fully mature camera viewing platform Reolink Client & Reolink App for all camera end users. These camera management software and phone apps platform updates are launched after comprehensive testing. All software's made available here are for Reolink users as free direct download on this reolink-support download center. Now it depends ,how you want to setup your Reolink camera, via computer or your mobile device. All these downloads are the latest versions available on Reolink download centre. If you have any issues downloading the software or facing software compatibility issues with your device during camera setup, Please contact Reolink support.

Download the latest Reolink software, firmware, user manual                       Reolink software download

        Download center

Download here the latest Reolink client software for windows, mac computers and the Reolink App for android and Apple phone. Please ensure stable network connectivity for optimum performance and full speed functionality of your Reolink camera software/App. Download the required Reolink client version or Reolink phone App and then follow the onscreen instructions for smooth and easy Reolink camera setup experience.

Reolink client software

Download Reolink client for windows computer, 64 Bit and 32 Bit Versions

  • Reolink Client Windows

Operating System windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7

Version No. V7.2.2.33

Download Link:   32-bit Download 

 64-bit Download

Reolink Client software

Download Reolink client software for Mac computer, Latest version Client

  • Reolink Client Mac

Operating system Mac upto latest 2.18 versions

Version No.  V3.5.6.55


Download Link:  Download 

Reolink App

To download and install the Reolink App, please search "Reolink" in the Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) and to use.

  • Reolink App

Operating System Android all versions

Web Link   Reolink App for Android

Operating system IOS Apple Devices

Web Link:  Reolink App for iOS 

Quick start Guide Cam

Download the Reolink Quick start guide for Reolink security camera.

Know the basics of Reolink camera.


Quick Start Guide NVR

Download the Reolink Quick start guide for NVR

with info for Reolink software and Reolink client

Reolink Download NVR Guide

Reolink Support number

When you get stuck or need help with Reolink device setup, refer our troubleshooting guide or Contact Reolink Support

Dial Reolink phone number+1 800-486-7755

(Reolink software, Reolink Client & Reolink setup)

Download Reolink Client for windows and Mac Latest editions

Reolink Client (Windows & Mac)

Reolink App and Client help you to keep an eye 24/7

Download Reolink Client Windows

Download Reolink Client Mac

Download Reolink client software for setup : Latest edition

What does the Reolink client has to offer and why this is the best Reolink camera management software.

  • Reolink client is the best Recommended Reolink software for your devices
  • Reolink designed Free software : Reolink Client for windows and Mac, is the only recommended software for best user experience and easy management of your device. It is fully managed and developed by Reolink technologies for its customers and is absolutely free to use. Highly secure Applications for security device access on computers and fully Reolink managed.
  • Simple & Intuitive Interface
    Reolink desktop Client (Windows & Mac) is very simple to operate and setup, and also brings latest technology and easy to navigate interface. Automated updates of Client is set by default to reduce hassle and to optimize functionality for end-user needs and improve overall experience. No advance tech knowledge required to manage this application, simply download, setup and enjoy.
  • Live View & Remote Access
    The software,Reolink Client allows its users to view multiple cameras’ & live feeds from anywhere anytime and can also play back your recorded footage (saved in SD card & NVR) remotely. It also support multi-screen live streaming for better user experience and bigger security setups(up to 36 screens).
  • Customizable Functions
    Whole lot of customizable functions as PTZ, FTP setup, flexible recording, motion detection (to set zone & schedule), motion trigger & alert, flexible compression and constant inclusion of more features . Easily manage all your customized settings with Reolink camera software
  • Free & Multi-Tasking
    No subscription or monthly fee by Reolink. Enjoy this absolutely free and powerful Reolink software, which can support and manage at least 8 cameras at the same time. A highly compatible and scalable application supports most of Reolink cameras and NVRs for setting up access on a computer.

Reolink App (Android & iOS)


  • User-friendly Reolink App interface
    Easy setup in 3 steps only, Reolink App download, install and open to setup. You can not do it more simple and easy way than this. Auto update and very easy to use and manage interface for convenience.
  • Remote multi-screen live streaming
    You can remotely access multi-screen live streaming (up to 16 channels) of your IP cameras anytime. Manage, add, delete your cameras with simple clicks and keep you connected to your property 24/7 with constant alerts.
  • Remote video playback
    Enable you to remotely play back any recorded video with your mobile devices (for 410S/411S/411WS cameras and NVR). Also allows you to download important videos on your mobile device and, videos gets saved to your phone memory. You can transfer the videos from your mobile to any other device, drive anytime.
  • Get email alerts and push notifications
    When motion is triggered, you will get emails and push notifications in real time from the Reolink client. Thus, helping you keep an eye on whats happening and offer constant vigil.


So, Please download Reolink Client or Reolink App from the links given above and manage your Reolink device with full authority at your finger tips. Always, grant required permissions on your access devices like phone, tablet or computer to auto update the applications, so that you don't face any snag with the live feed.  Reolink App is the best option as we all carry smart phones and the App will help you keep updated, whenever there is any visitor or intruder. The Reolink App is compatible with smart setup Apps like Alexa and Google and allows you to experience even more intelligent system, when integrated.  Always download Reolink App latest version for optimum functionality and features. All New App features from Reolink are rolled out and made available to end users through updates, setup your device to accept new Reolink App updates automatically. If you are facing any problems downloading the Reolink software or setting up your Reolink NVR and cameras with these software's , help is available now over the phone. Now you can talk to an expert for immediate help with Reolink device, please dial the Reolink support number +1 800-486-7755

Reolink Firmware downloads:

To keep your Reolink device working at the optimal level, make sure your device is loaded with the updated software and firmware. Sometimes when your device is not working properly and please make sure you get the right kind of update and if you need help with reolink firmware download (please click this link) or contact Reolink software support.

Reolink Firmware for B400/D400/D420 (IPC_5128M/IPC_5174M)

Please find below latest Reolink firmware downloads for B/D/400 series. Before upgrading firmware, please check your camera model and the hardware version in the system information interface accordingly.

Reolink Model B400  Firmware download 610-19121000

Reolink Model D400  Firmware download 610_19121001

Reolink Model D400  Firmware download 610_19121002

12/10/2019 Firmware for B800/D800 (IPC_5158MP8M)

Reolink Model B800  Firmware download 610_19121001

Reolink Model D800  Firmware download 610_19121002

Latest Firmware for E1 Zoom(IPC_515SD6)

How can you Upgrade Reolink camera firmware: Instructions

To upgrade Reolink camera firmware please read the below instructions before you start the process

  • First step is to launch Reolink Client , then click Device Settings button and find Information icon.
  • Now you need to tap on Information tab and check the FW Version for your device.
  • Now find the latest available version on Reolink download centre and see if an upgrade is available for your device model.
  • Now you need to match the Firmware version numbers and if you find a higher number that would be an upgrade for your Reolink camera.

For Reolink App please see the below instructions to find the Firmware upgrade:

If you are using the Reolink app to access your cameras

  • First you need to click on the gear icon to go to the Device Settings page. T
  • From here look on the top of your page and click on Device Info, and then you will find the System Information of your device.
  • Check the Firmware Version for your device and note down the version numbers.
  • Now find the latest available Firmware version on Reolink download centre and see if an upgrade is available, match the version numbers and if you find a higher number that would be an upgrade for your Reolink camera.
  • Download and install the new version if available and please ensure to uncheck system default option to avoid adding your cameras all again as it restores the settings to default.

We recommend users to carefully select the camera model while upgrading the software and if you are not sure, contact Reolink support for further help.

What is Reolink For PC?

Reolink for PC is the PC or Computer application for end users to access their Reolink security systems on computer , be it Mac or Windows. Reolink for PC is now Reolink Client, that helps end user to connect, operate and manage Reolink security cameras on Windows and Mac OS PCs. The software is available for free to download and fully compatible for management of Reolink CCTV cameras. Now it is popularly know as Reolink Client software for computers.

Download Reolink client Windows or Reolink for PC and setup Guide with Image

  •  Click on the Link given above to download Reolink software Client on your computer. Select according to the system version on your computer 32/64 Bit. Click here to know how to check windows version on your computer.
  •  Now lets go to downloads folder and Click on the file downloaded and it will start the Reolink client software installation wizardReolink software download and Installation wizard first screen on windows computer
  • The next screen appears asking for the installation directory path, where you want to install this Reolink software on your computer. Please leave as default, unless you really want to move it to any specific location. Just click on the “Next” buttonReolink software download and installation guide Image
  • Next screen will ask you to create desktop icon and the second one to create quick launch icon in start menu of windows. so click in the box to create the desktop icons. It is always convenient to keep the software icon on the desktop for quick launch and access.Reolink software download and installation guide Image
  • Now screen appear showing details of installation just click on the “Install” button. It comes when your computer is ready to install Reolink software for PC ie" Reolink Client"
  • Now you just need to hit finish and the Reolink Client software is now installed on your computer. When the Reolink Client open automatically it will be ready to add the cameras or device now. If Reolink client doesn't open, you can always launch it from start menu or desktop icons created during the installation process.

    Reolink software download & installation is complete and Reolink client now ready to add cameras
    Reolink software download & installation is complete and Reolink client now ready to add cameras

How to Contact Reolink-support

Tell us more about your security concerns, so that we can get started on a plan to address them with wide array of products and services. Dial our Reolink phone number or send Email to hear back from us. We can guide you to select the best Reolink security system as per your requirements. If you would like to know more about a particular product ,fill in our contact form

Please allow sometime to review your query and we will get back to you, as soon as possible.  


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